About us 

Production of hand-painted wallpaper.


We adhere to the historical traditions of hand painting and we do not use photo printing. Artists paint each canvas for each client by hand only. The value of these wallpapers is that manual labor is unique, and there are no two identical canvases in the world. Different line presses, movement of brush strokes, shades of colors - all this will maintain the uniqueness and warmth of manual labor at your home. The master signs each order personally, as is customary in painting.

Since the 15th century, the best palaces and houses of Europe were decorated with such wallpapers. Eastern culture came to hand painting of its houses even earlier, the first mention of chinoiserie was found in the Qin dynasty in the 2nd century BC. Hand painting throughout the history of humankind was a constant attribute of the upper class.

Our company was founded in 1987 by the dynasty of artists. For 30 years, we have created exclusive paintings in the best houses in the world. Our works decorate the ministerial residence in Norway and the mansions of the Russian representatives of the elite. In 2014, the company started production of handmade wallpaper.

Over the decades of work, we accumulated rich experience and skills that we traditionally pass on to our employees. We have a developed training system. Each artist goes through several stages of growth, from the assistant to the main artist.

We pay much attention to the design of our wallpapers. Designers, illustrators and artists under the guidance of the founders of the company develop unique collections. This is a deep analysis of the design in terms of features of the interior, the laws of composition and harmony. Behind the seeming simplicity of design, there are hundreds of hours of work in search of the only right solution. Each design goes through several stages of creation, from sketches to release of the series. Design needs enough time to mature, like a good wine. Any drawing after creation must pass the test of time and soak. After completing the drawing, the designer returns to designing after a while and brings a fresh, last look, the most important touches. That is why our hand-painted collections so harmoniously fit into any interior.

Our company has a full-time engineering department. Specialists of the largest scientific and technical Russian institutes develop unique technological equipment and processes. Their work ensures high quality of our products consistently.

The design, technology, and craftsmanship of our artists are put together in each canvas, so that you can contemplate a work of art at home.