In our designer kit, you can choose your unique wallpaper according to many parameters. You can choose a background, pattern options, add your individual wishes. A huge selection of combinations will give you the opportunity to create your own, the only wallpaper in the world. The artist signs each order, as is customary in classical painting.

You can order a sample that you can test in the interior and make sure that your choice is correct.

Order wallpaper in three steps:

1. Design

Choose a suitable picture from our albums in the catalog.


Traditional pictural collections. Natural motifs in the Chinoiserie style, delicate watercolor flowers and birds.


Minimalist graphic designs using gold or silver inks. This collection was inspired by classical engravings of the Middle Ages.


The painting is done by the main artist of the FRESQ company. These are unique paintings made in a single copy, which do not go into mass production. For each order, a special sketch is developed taking into account the specific features of the interior. 

2. Background

Select a background for your drawing.

You can choose the color and texture from our standard palette, or order any paint from any manufacturer of your choice.

Basic matte background

A standard matte background is included in the base price. Dark colors are marked with an asterisk ☆ PREMIUM COLOR. Because of the saturated pigment, such colors require special technology of application and painting. 

☆ Silk effect

A special layer of natural mother-of-pearl is applied over a basic matte background. The silk effect is the smallest particles of ground seashells. Such particles shimmer in the light and give the wallpaper a gentle, delicate sheen. Each particle reflects light at different angles, so there may be differences in gloss and texture on the canvases. This is especially seen at the joints. This is the feature of the natural material, which emphasizes the naturalness of the wallpaper. Such a non-uniform texture is not a defect. If you wish, you can additionally order the onsite restoration service and make a smooth Silk transition in visible areas.

If you want wallpaper without joints, you can order a seamless canvas.

☆ Texture effect

An additional texture layer is applied over the base matte background. The artist applies the texture separately to each panel manually. When matching panels, textures can differ in saturation and pattern; this underlines the feature of manual work. If you wish, you can additionally order the onsite restoration service and make a smooth texture transition in visible areas.

If you want wallpaper without joints, you can order a seamless canvas.

☆ Gold and silver brass leaf

Brass leaf is the finest gold and silver metalized sheets in the form of squares 16x16 cm, which are laid by hand, sheet to sheet. Thus, the background acquires a bright noble brilliance and a heterogeneous texture with a square grid. After painting, a protective lacquer is applied on top of the brass leaf, which prevents it from oxidizing. For brass leaf, it is recommended to order a seamless canvas if the wall is more than 95 cm wide.

☆ Customer's color

For the background, you can choose any paint manufacturer and any color.

The paint itself is paid with a margin + extra charge for an individual changeover of the paint line.

We are not responsible for accurate paint tinting by a third party. Paints of different lots may have minor deviations from the reference color.

3.Size selection

Choose the appropriate size option:

1. Standard size is 95 cm x 290 cm

Select the required number of panels for your wall.

2. Custom sizes

Individual sizes of walls and panels. An individual drawing is created specially for your order and all painting production stages are adjusted.

For any variant, you can add an option - a seamless canvas without joints.